Guns N’ Roses Music and Inspiration in My Life

Ok so this is only a little photography related, just a story and a love for a band I wanted to share. I am sitting here editing, well now writing, blasting Guns N’ Roses in my photo studio. I have realized, they actually help me get work done. This obsession is back after seeing them live at Metlife Stadium this past Sunday, July 24th 2016.

My love for this band began when I was about 10 years old. Just before the song “November Rain” came out. And it was a serious obsession. You can talk to my best friend Meg (at the time) for proof. We would seriously dress up like them, I would play my guitar like Slash and she would play the drums. We would record ourselves playing and singing their songs. I made my mom buy me every magazine they appeared in and created a scrap book out of every image (images below). MP2_2353

I drew their logos over and over again. I recorded every single video on MTV. I waited by the TV for hours, always ready to hit the record button. I wanted to marry Axl when I was old enough. I bought professional photos of them online.

The night I saw them for the first time March 6, 1993 (at age 12) at the New Haven Coliseum I think I nearly died of excitement (my ticket shown above). I still have the “Use Your Illusion Tour” fan book from that show (image below). Thank you mom for taking us, you know you loved it 😉

Can anyone else relate to this or was I a crazy child?!MP2_2358



Years later and all grown up in 2007, I met my husband Mike. He had a love for Guns N’ Roses as well, and he knew all the words to every song, like I did. Come to find out, he was even at the same concert in 1993. True love I guess! When we got married in 2010, I even walked down to the aisle with my Dad to “November Rain.” My Dad is the one who bought and taught me guitar at age 13. The first song I ever learned was “Used to Love Her.”At the start of our photography career we had a studio party based on an inspirational photoshoot we did called “Bad Obsession.” Read more about that here.


My husband and I had the opportunity to photograph GNR on Valentine’s Day in 2010 on behalf of Ovation Guitars during Fashion Week in NYC (first image in post of Axl and below – taken by me that night). This was a secret show at Rose Bar in front of just 150 people (celebrities included)! Adrian Grenier did smile at me that night 😉 That was considered one of the best nights of my life. Although front man Axl Rose was missing a couple original band members, Slash and Duff McKagan, it was still amazing and I felt like it was a dream. Axl was right in front of me.


When I heard Axl and Slash spoke again after 19 years and decided to tour again I almost died. This year they introduced the “Not in this Lifetime” Tour.

Now back to the Metlife concert. We were hesitant to go to any of the shows due to the high ticket prices (for good seats) and only decided the morning of the show it HAD to happen. I had been stalking the Ticketmaster website to realize the tickets left were decent seats, but at least $315. I resorted to Craigs List. I found a girl on there trying to sell a set of good tickets and started to chat with her through texts. I could tell we had the same love for the band. The price she listed for a set of tickets I realized quickly was for only one ticket, and it was totally out of our budget. I got sad. I literally thought of any way possible to pull this off. Maybe I can talk her down in price, or MAYBE, just maybe I can offer some photography related services as a barter?! I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask!

Hours before the show I heard from back from her saying “the tickets are yours.” She agreed to my barter and we got the tickets for a much lower price! First row at the 50 yard line, not too bad at all! It’s crazy how things work out sometimes.

Sunday was considered another best night of my life. Here we are below about to walk into the show!instagram GNR

I can’t even begin to describe how amazing this night was. The crowd, the almost 3 hour setlist, screaming all my favorite songs, the pyro at the end. It was a night I want to live over and over again. Now I just need to find a way to meet the band 😉 iPhone pic and vertical “Paradise City” clip below.Guns n roses metlife 7.24.16


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