Photoshop Works Wonders

It happens…children fall, they bruise, they get cuts, scrapes, eczema, etc. It’s the saddest thing to see, and luckily they heal pretty quickly. Most of the time we still go on with their session, unless it is really bad (like a black eye for instance). Luckily for Photoshop, it helps to get rid of these wounds or marks. Poor Seamus (above right) had face planted on pavement a few days before his session. When his mom told me he had a scrape on his nose I didn’t realize how big it actually was! Poor baby!

I have worked with Photoshop for over 15 years now (I went to college for Graphic Design) and I believe it is a necessity for professional photographers. I use Lightroom for culling my images and my final edits, but Photoshop is important to know for cases like the SOOC (shot out of camera) images you see above. I could have never fixed that in Lightroom! It is also amazing for stamping out newborn acne or dry skin patches.

My favorite Photoshop tools are: the spot healing brush tool, patch tool, and clone stamp tool. I use a wacom pen tablet instead of a mouse when working in Photoshop. You have a lot more control and it tends to just work better. If you learn to use these three tools you are so much closer to perfection and it will result in happy clients!

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