Bad Obsession

It’s a bad obsession… it’s always messin’…. it’s always messin’ my mind…
– “Guns N’ Roses” 1991

When we go out to dinner and have a glass of wine, our creative minds start flowing (yes… and so does the wine). This past winter we sat down to brainstorm ideas for our next inspirational shoot. For those who don’t know, Michael was a Creative Director in advertising in his past life, and continues to consult on the side. With that, last fall he was working on a DeLeon Tequila campaign that really inspired him. Between the campaign, and our love for the Guns N’ Roses “November Rain” video, the ideas started to get interesting. First, we knew that we wanted the dress Stephanie Seymour wore, but knowing it cost over $20k, that was out of the cards (more on this in a minute). For those of you who haven’t seen the video, please watch here. Obsessed! To make the idea even more intense, we also wanted to add Boudoir into the mix. And not with just one girl… but with one guy and two girls (why not?!). And that is where the story began…

To help us bring our idea to life, we approached Josie from Beneath the Gown in hopes that she would be willing to work with us. The result, a custom designed gown that brought the “November Rain” dress to life, a rack of lingerie, and a life-long friend. Seriously?! She is AMAZING! From there, the rest of the team came together nicely. Talk about a seriously talented group!!

Armed with a bottle of Jose Cuervo, a Les Paul guitar and Fender amp, fog machine, half the furniture from our studio, and enough gear to shoot a feature film… we headed to the Atlantic Wire Mill in Branford, CT to get this party started. Jennie Fresa rocked the girl’s makeup, while Laura Cavallaro styled their hair. Marcie designed and created the bouquet out of silk flowers and other craft items she had laying around. Jeremy White even joined in for the ride and shot the most amazing video! We still cannot stop watching it! And of course there was Josie. Between the wardrobe, styling, support, etc. – she is absolutely amazing (seriously we cannot say enough about her!). To help with all the gear, scene setups, lighting rigs, etc. we had our kick ass assistants Rob Dennis and Brent Swan on hand. Last but not least, how can we leave out the stars of the show?! Our super sexy models Joanne, Pete and Lindsey. Rather than go into the details of the day, we are going to let the images do all the talking. After all… isn’t this post long enough already?!

To everyone who helped bring this to a reality… THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! You are all amazing and we cannot wait to work together again! Enjoy the pics and don’t forget to comment, “Like”, and “Pin.”

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