East Haven CT Engagement Shoot | Phylicia & Sean


I was on call for this engagement shoot, as we waited for the first heavy snowfall to schedule Phylicia and Sean’s engagement shoot. We had planned on going to East Haven Beach to take pictures on the bench that had been dedicated to Phylicia’s grandfather, as well as the place Sean proposed! This was also a meaningful location for Phylicia as she grew up just down the street from there on Cosey Beach Ave.

The day after Jonas Blizzard we headed to East Haven Beach with a plan of finishing up at Lighthouse Point. I had wished for a great sunset as my studio lights hadn’t gotten any recent outdoor activity and I was dying to use them. That wish came true for sure. It was so insane there, we decided to stay at the location as I was worried we would miss out by the time we got to Lighthouse Point. In just a small area, with a couple different outfits, studio lights, beach, seagulls, snow and the drastic changing colors of the sky, this engagement shoot was epic. Definitely worth working on a Sunday, which I typically don’t do! Now to top this for their December wedding…can’t wait for that!


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