Riverhouse Wedding | CT Wedding Photography

Lindsey and Anthony go way back…high school sweet hearts that is, from the graduating classes of 2003/2004. They weren’t always together as the years went on from there, but Anthony eventually proposed and the rest was history. You can learn a lot from the maid of honor(s) and best man speech! It’s all coming back haha. On a beautiful, very sunny day in July, it started with the ceremony at St George’s in Guilford leading to formals and reception at the Riverhouse in Haddam. It has been such a pleasure working with them both, as well as their surrounding amazing friends and family. I will never forget how special the moment was when Anthony sang with his friend/groomsman Nick an Oasis song for Lindsey during the reception. Just made me want to pick up my guitar and start playing again. Congrats again to Anthony and Lindsey and best wishes in all the years ahead! A huge thank you to Anthony DeCarlo for shooting this with me. Enjoy some of my faves!

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