Simple Acorn Pumpkins

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Fall is so beautiful in CT, despite the leaf and acorn buildup in our backyard, which thankfully is my husband’s responsibility. Last weekend my 8 year old stepson MJ and 2 year old son Christian were out of control, jumping on the couch, playing hockey in the living room, making a mess…you name it. To get them out of the house, I gave them each a bucket and told them to collect a bunch of acorns in our yard and when they come in we will do a Fall craft with them.

I had looked online and on Pinterest for acorn crafts but didn’t find anything I loved. I saw strawberry acorn magnets which I suggested, but MJ said “that is not for the Fall, how about pumpkins?” Great idea! I grabbed a few things out of my craft box and that is where my acorn pumpkins began. I know this is not photography related, but I wanted to post about this craft because I had not seen it anywhere, and I hope you can do this at home for Halloween!

Things you will need:

Acorns without the caps
Acorn Caps
Wax Paper
Orange Acrylic Paint
Glitter Acrylic Paint
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Black Sharpie

Layout some wax paper on a hard counter top and squeeze out some of the orange paint to paint the acorns lightly with the brush (I used a light coat to show texture). Let dry. To speed up the drying process I used a blow dryer. In the meantime find an acorn cap that will fit nicely on the acorn and paint that with the glitter paint. Let dry. Once the acorn and cap is dry, glue the cap back on to the acorn. Get creative with jack-o-lantern faces and draw on carefully with the black sharpie. I looked online to get a couple ideas. Snap off the ends of the twigs to create arms if you want to add them. Glue on. Be careful with the hot glue gun while working on items this tiny. Use as decorations, personality place settings, or gifts!


And there you have it, your acorn family! Image below to show tiny size. Happy Halloween!


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