UV Filter Saves the Day

So Sunday I dropped my iPhone 6 face down on the patio and shattered it (for the first time), and cried. Not having texts for two days was torture. And the only way to call or accept calls was to use SIRI or the bluetooth in my car to connect. I now sit here patiently waiting in the Apple Store for my fixed phone to return, hoping I don’t have to purchase a new one. The next day, something worse happened.

I had offered to take pictures of my Guilford High School classmates of 1998 in front of the school before they tear it down. Several classes have been doing this and a friend suggested we reach out to get together and do it as well. As I set up my tripod while chatting with old friends, the tripod tips, my 5D Mark III came out of it and went flying. SMASH. (I thought dropping the phone was bad.) This was also a first! I tried NOT to cry. What the heck is going on!? In panic mode, I pick it up and see cracked glass and a dent on the edge of the rim of my 24-70mm lens. Trying not to totally freak out in front of everyone, while sweating in the humidity, I realized wait, I think it’s just the UV protector filter…Please just be the filter. omg. In the meantime, my camera is NOT turning on. I took out the camera battery and put it back in and wahlah, it turns on again. THANK GOD.

After examining quickly, I noticed that luckily the UV filter on my lens SAVES the day. Mike had to pry it off since it dented, but the lens did NOT shatter and still works fine (good thing I had a backup lens with me). After this incident, I strongly suggest professional photographers purchase these filters for your lenses, not just to “help absorb ultraviolet light and reduce the bluish cast of daylight, but to provide an additional level of assurance against accidental drops.” They are inexpensive. I also suggest, as extra protection the lens hood (at the time I was not using mine). You never know when it’s going to happen. And always have a back up in case!

Here is the final image below! Thank you to everyone who came for the photo op! So many great memories from GHS.

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